Timberland Men’s Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe Reviews

Timberland Men’s Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe Reviews

Timberland is a very famous company that is famous for outdoor shoes. From boots to boat shoes, they do a great job of designing great shoes. They created their shoes based on a heritage of New England. From the beginning, they have always focused on outdoor lifestyle topics.

I am a fan of Timberland shoes, especially their boat shoes. This is probably my third or fourth pair since I known they made them. The leather is very beautiful and well made and the overall quality of stitching and finishing is also beautiful.

A pair of boat shoes with a nice shirt is my favorite outing outfit. In addition to drumming on the beach, boating, relaxing and any other normal activity you want to do. I like my classic Timberland boat shoes. The Topsiders were great but Timberland received a nod to me. If you think about buying these things you won’t be disappointed, then they have high quality there with the best of them.  I like the fit, which is comfortable but not too tight. It has a nice arch support. The shoes feature beautiful leather uppers and standard rubber soles for traction on wet surfaces.

A lot of people are saying these shoes run small, but I ordered my normal size and they fit just right. You have to recognize, these are boat shoes; Most people don’t wear socks with them, and if you want to, they need to be really thin. I ordered timberland boat shoes socks also and a perfect fit. They are not really designed to be worn with normal socks. But if you want to wear normal thickness socks with these shoes, you may want to order a size larger than half. I have been very happy with shoes so far after wearing them daily for several months. They seem to be an overall better quality shoe than the comparable brands that I’ve bought over the past 20 years. The soles on these Timberland boat shoes are fitted with better structure and the leather is thicker than the competitors.

These boat shoes have the familiar laid-back but durable feel of Timberland hiking boots, and are suitable for more recreational or strenuous trips, such as serving on the crew of a racing yacht when the waters get rough.

Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoes including full-grain leather nubuck and leather uppers provide comfort and durability comparable to many other boat shoe manufacturers. Their 360-degree lacing system helps to provide a comfortable, custom fit.

They also come with a sipping rubber outsole for maximum slip resistance and traction, plus a leather-lined footbed. Moccasin toes and rough leather edges help contribute to the overall sporty appearance.


  • Premium full-grain and nubuck leather uppers
  • Handsewn uppers are stitched to the midsole and cemented to the outsole
  • 360-degree rawhide lacing system provides a custom fit
  • 3/4-length leather-lined EVA footbeds
  • Siped rubber outsoles for maximum traction and slip resistance
  • Weight of a single shoe (size 9): 14.9 ounces


Durable and comfortable

Sporty look

Slip-resistant soles

Sports boat shoe


Sizing may run small

Things to consider when purchasing boat shoes

1. Material

Most boat shoes are made of leather, although you will also find them made of canvas and other materials. Leather is the preferred choice for many men, however, but not all Leather is the same. They have Full-grain leather,Suede leather,

2. Fit

The size of the shoes is important for your steps. For one, many people wear boat shoes without socks, which affects the fit. You need to consider when buying shoes and choosing socks for shoes or not.

With the latter in mind, you may want to choose a boat shoe that bit snug, but not too snug, as they will eventually provide a perfect fit without snugness. Decide whether you will wear them with or without socks, or both, and size them accordingly.

3. The SOLE

The sole was extremely important when the first boat shoes hit the market – thanks to Paul Sperry, in 1935 – because the intended use of the shoes was for maneuvering around on a slippery boat deck. Rubber is the best choice of the only material for navigating wet surfaces and remains the only option on boat shoes today.

4. The upper

Many boat shoes have a waterproof feature that helps keep them as dry as possible. Leather upper doesn’t dry as quickly as those made from synthetic materials, but it’s hard to beat because of overall comfort and design.

5. The insole

Shoes with soft leather insole will be softer than other materials, so that is better drainage, the insole is mesh. Some shoes will have a drainage hole inside the shoe.

Timberland is a famous company that knows how to make quality shoes. Timberland Men’s classic Two-Eye boat shoes are no exception. Although the sole does not provide much support, it is not necessary in a pair of boat shoes. The fit is perfect to wear on the boat because you don’t need socks to make the shoe fit. They are made of leather and have synthetic soles. Expect high grip and less worry when walking on wet surfaces.


Timberland is another famous company that has their say in the boat shoes market and was not surprised to create a very stylish and durable shoes, it will look great when you relax at sea but would look equally great to wear at all times as well.

As with all shoes here, they have rubber soles that maximize grip and allow you to be sure even in slippery conditions. In addition, rubber is a leather shoe which will be resistant to the water but also provide a high level of comfort as well.

Comfort is also added too with EVA footbeds so your feet won’t get sore. They are designed with the classic design of of the two eyelets as well as a moccasin shoe and the contrast stitching along the front of the shoe. They come in five different colors which are all dark and stylish.

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