Birkenstock Women’s Florida Birko-Flor Sandal Reviews

Birkenstock Women’s Florida Birko-Flor Sandal Reviews

These sandals are comfortable! I had two pairs before and wore them all the time. Previously it was difficult to “break in” Birkenstocks, but thanks to soft legs, that is no longer true. Ideally, even though they have completely eliminated my heel pain (plantar fasciitis). I like the version with three-strap because they look feminine and look good.

I had some hip problems this year that made me panic because I was completely healthy. Then I started wearing Birko continuously for the past 6 months, only Birks. No other shoes. Completely healed my hip problem. This is orthopedic / orthopedic, so it is extremely healthy for you. I used to buy hard, groundbreaking soles over time (hard on the legs), but now with the softening option, I only get soft legs. Florida style is great, as 3 straps give you support and stay and don’t slip around when you walk up the hill, as I do. I am a giant pedestrian about 10 miles / day in urban & water environments. They go everywhere & just brush or wipe. I like leather for basic colors like black – this is nubuck leather – harder than suede & durable. The birkiflor is synthetic and instantly super comfortable and clean easier, but starts to look worn after about 8 years compared to 20 years! I am now seeing 20-year-old urban people wearing classic Birkenstock Arizonas. So they are fashionable again. Who cares when your legs are happy and healthy?!

These Florida Birko-Flor Sandal are amazing and match exactly as I expected. I have size 8.5 and have 39 and they are perfect. I will caution anyone who buys this style for the first time that the top strap is really close to the top of your foot with your ankle. Follow the birko instructions to break them slowly. I was not used to anything high on my feet and wearing work for 8 hours was too long. Finished with ulcers on the ends of both legs for weeks. Now that broken in, they are wonderful and I can’t think of not wearing them!

The Birkenstock Women’s Florida Birko-Flor Sandal to help relieve chronic back pain and sciatica … the heel and foot cast cup is very supportive of proper adjustment between the foot and ankle, then up Legs to keep the sacrum and lower back spine in goid alignment.

This style is very comfortable and these in special with support arch. As soon as I bring them in, they feel comfortable – unlike many other shoes that need to be worn.

They will last for many years. I should take my elders to fix shoes because I can bring new soles, but I feel I have received the value of my money from every couple I bought.

Birkenstock Florida sandals are my favorite sandals. Initially, I was prescribed by a podiatrist doctor a customized Birkenstock sandals for my heel. I bought some Birkenstocks and they are also comfortable. I like them very much, I also order black and blue pairs. Will definitely recommend.

Birkenstock ribs are always comfortable shoes. I have very narrow feet, so for me, narrowness is even wider than me, if I buckle them to the last hole, they usually work well. Sometimes I finally have to add a whole farther on the belt. However, my most comfortable shoes. Love the color of those!

Birkenstock Women’s Florida Birko-Flor Sandal is a three-strap slip-on that provides an additional pad at the foot of the footbed. A great style to give sensitive feet more cushioning and comfort.

  • An extra layer of memory foam between suede lining and cork base provides comfort when cushioning and restoring naturally to its original form.
  • Contoured brackets with four arches ensure uniform weight distribution and proper posture.
  • Deep heel cup cradles the heel and keeps the cushion natural just below the heel bone.
  • The toe lift bar encourages natural grasping movements of the feet, exercise for the leg and stimulates circulation
  • Soft suede liner over footbed keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • Lightweight shockproof EVA soles is very flexible and durable

Who does not want the best pair of sandals designed to provide support and comfort? BIRKENSTOCK Women’s Birko-Flor Florida Sandals is right here to make sure you feels comfortable. Get this shoe today and you get a stylish comfort. The shoe comes with a triple strap to ensure a perfect fit. Slender strap gives this shoe a more sleek look. It has integrated arch support and toe clamps to give you more support and comfort.


Three-strap slide Birkenstock Florida sandal wire slides are ready to become your favorite summer sandal. Birkenstock has been around for a long time but they are still very hot at this time, this season. The traditional large strap design is not for everyone; and here goes into Florida sandal. With 3 straps of a more delicate widths, it gives Birkenstock the ease and comfort with a slightly more feminine silhouette

Mr.Konrad Birkenstock made the first Birkenstock sandals in 1897 and the Birkenstock family created comfortable walking shoes in Germany ever since. Each Birkenstock has a deep heel separator that promotes accurate weight distribution and foot alignment, along with contoured legs that match the unique shape of your foot. An advanced toe jam bar encourages natural grip movement of the toes when you walk, and the natural cork material provides both shock reduction and personal fit as it will fit into the foot shape. Your specifics over time. Birkenstock Florida has a newer innovation of a thin foam between classic cork base and suede soles, making them even more comfortable than previous generations of Birkenstocks.

The colors offered are neutral and lovely basic colors, such as black, brown or blue, or you can choose a fun color like mirror green, pearl rose or metallic silver.

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