Birkenstock Arizona Sandals Reviews

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals Reviews

This sandal is meant to keep your feet sweet and happy with every situation out there from walking around for a day of sightseeing and shopping, or running errands with children. I really like these sandals because of its convenience. I have to buy it for myself.

If you are looking for stylish, sexy feet to wear at a beach bar, you won’t get any points with these sandals.

The sole contoured fits the shape of my foot. The straps are adjustable. If you are used to wearing flip-flops, your feet will feet well with the sandals. But all in all, I feel safer to wear these powerful sandals.

You should have a few millimeters of space in your heel and toe area. Your toes should not be pressed against the front rim, nor should the heel be pressed against the back rim. This will not be bring you the best comfort.

Birkenstocks never disappoint! I have three pairs of sandals at size 38, they fit me well. My only advice is that if you get them, make sure you know how you want them to fit your feet. They will stretch and the buckles will leave a mark on the leather. I wish I had kept the straps tighter and let them stretch. At first, I thought I had them too tightly so I wore them more loosely. They became too loose to my liking and when I made them tighter, I noticed the buckles had already marked the leather and now I can’t do anything about it. The footbed is incredibly comfortable and supportive. As usual, they must be worn in, and they become softer and more comfortable when you wear them more. If you have narrow feet, you must get narrow Birkenstocks, otherwise they will be sloppy and will be difficult to walk in.

I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks since the 1980s so it’s no surprise that I have this pair. . . This is the first time I ordered soft foot and they are awesome. I just returned from a 2 miles walk with my dog ??and my feet felt pretty good considering that these shoes are brand new. You do not worry about fear of pain or blisters when walking in many hours.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals Features

Style: Arizona

Upper variants– With rainbow colors including black, brown, grey, white, and even metallic shades, patterns and available material options, Arizona sandal can be a collection of shoe mounts.

Travel type: Perfect for hiking, city breaks, bush travel, just bring travel and vacation at the beach.

Style-conscious options – The flip side of the traditional BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandal can be seen in a few special fashion designs. Arizona platform breaks convention by adding a little height to increase profile of familiar style in a fun and quirky way. Arizona not only adds an interesting texture, it injects a luxe element into the sandal to begs to be tried on.

Water-friendly EVA – Essentials Collection is quickly becoming a staple in the summer. A pool-side presence is ubiquitous, ultra-light style is becoming  “the” sandal to sports. At a most competitive price point, BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Essential is an easy footwear choice for both men and women.

Arizona has two adjustable straps and a nickel-free metal buckle that fits comfortably. Two sandal strapshold the sandal firmly in place. So this two-straps sandal is comfortable, even over longer distances. The anatomically formed cork and latex footbed provides support, even when you’re moving for a long time. That may explain why sandal is so popular for backpackers around the world.


Birkenstock Arizona sandals are very lightweight, super comfortable and support a lot for your feet. Ideal for traveling,  Ideal for travel, I throw my shoes in my carry-on to wear with socks on red-eye flights, they can double the sandals when I’m at the hotel, and then I bring them in adventure with me when I go to the destination

They work in a lot of situations and, as they become trends for years, you can wear them with everything from shorts to sunscreen to casual settings.


Some people don’t love the pragmatic look of Arizona style. While I prefer a more sleek and more feminine style, I created an exception to these things simply because of its comfort and durability.

You also need to be careful with cork and leather if you get wet sandals. If you make your shoes soaked in a sudden rainstorm, allow your Birkenstocks to dry completely from direct heat.


Reliable construction and ultimate comfort are the reasons BIRKENSTOCK Arizona has overcome the test of time. This sandal is often mimicked but never duplicated when it comes to building and designing a professional stand that carries BIRKENSTOCK shoes into a class of its own. Contour footbed offers deliberately placed layers of material that work together to create a custom footprint for as long as it wears. This means the level of comfort rises step by step.

It’s not just comfortable shoes; BIRKENSTOCK Arizona sandal is the image of cool minimalism. Whether combined with slim jeans and a skirt like a warm weather essential.

Birkenstock sandals are popular footwear, and they are great to own at home and when traveling. Birkenstock Arizona is very lightwieght, comfortable and your feet will enjoy staying there after visiting a city all day. Today, I can’t imagine traveling in spring or summer without my Birkenstocks.