Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot Reviews

Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot Reviews

Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot is beautiful boot that you can wear with jeans, chinos, a henley, tee, button up, denim jacket. I have black, beeswas leather they match many types of my pants and will look better over time

As soon as I opened the package, I could smell the leather smell and once I pulled the shoe out of the box, I was stunned by the quality of the skin used. I do not consider myself a skin specialist but I own a large variety of different types of weather varying in quality. This must be some of the softest and most beautiful nubuck leadther I’ve ever bought. The boots suitable for office and daily wear without being overpoweringly flashy. The leather is smooth and supple. The tongue is about twice as thick as my current pair. The heel and sole are also better. Higher heels and thicker soles and both are made of a dense, quality rubber instead of lighter material in my current shoes. The stitches look solid, with double stitching in some areas.

In terms of construction, Bushacres is manufactured with full-grain leather uppers featuring what appears to be a fabric lining. The main difference between these and Clarks Desert Boots is the rubber sole used in Bushacres that are harder than the soft crepe sole used in Desert Boots. Due to the comfort of the crepe sole pillow, many people choose the sole on these. However, I chose these because the durability is better than crepe. Besides, the tendency of crepes to become dirty and change color is one aspect that I decided that I would be better off without. As the pictures show, the sole is kept quite well.

Size wise, Initially feeling pain in the feet but then they gradually broke in, and now one of my more comfortable shoes. They run very wide, this is perfectly fine for me because that’s how my wide legs are like my shoes.

The leather uppers are capable of holding a nice shine, but tend to be more blurry than my other full grain shoes that a good buffer will be easy to deal with. In addition, the soles are sewn into a canvas layer, which is then attached to the sole, making them resoleable, especially if the shoe caps are properly cared for.

With the Bushacre, you should order a half to full size down for the best fitting.

Have you ever worn a boots or shoes that were too snug? That is the worst!

Your toes are hurt then and it scratches your ankle.

Clarks Bushacre is known for its well-built shoes and overall quality is excellent. They will last you for a long time with interest.

Clarks Bushacre are comfortable

Your feel feeling greate because of the cushioned insole and comfortable lining

Poor lining and hard insoles a recipe for disaster

Shoes may look perfect, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable, there’s no point.

Although Bushacre does not include any next level comfort technology, it is certainly better than many other shoe/boots on the market.

Size is also a big part of this. Do not order too small or you are at risk of leg pain.

Clarks Bushacre are good quality

The upper part is made from flexible leather or suede, both need care and protection against the weather.

 The Bushacre gives you a solid grip because of light and durable rubber sole .  

Clarks Bushacre are waterproof

You can wear any Clarks shoes in very bad weather. They can still overcome it well. The Clarks survived many winters.

Avoid muddy areas, heavy rain and puddles. 

It can be easier said than done when you go back to your day and don’t pay attention to where you step.

The stitch-down structure helps prevent water and snow.


Durable construction ensures lasting use

Clean and simple lines add timeless style

Durable traction sole

Leather upper

Textile lining

Rubber outsole

Round toe

Lace-up closure

Padded footbed     4.25-in. shaft


Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot. The boots style made of a single layer of leather, usually suede, with a thin sole. The shoes are the perfect chameleon: They work with chinos and sleeveless shirts, but don’t make you wear clothes up when you only wear bright jeans and a t-shirt. In fact, they are very flexible, they can be worn during the winter months, as long as you don’t try to slog the suede versions through slushy conditions. Bushacre 2 Chukka boots are classic, affordable and look very good on your feet.

Bushacre 2 has beeswax leather, soft, supple and easily fits your feet and ankles. The uppers made of whole leather and with a lining of fabric also contribute to the overall comfort of the boots. The leather is solid and durable, providing stability and support, and style that is not too flashy, and makes them the best leather chukka boots.

The original shoe/boot was invented by Nathan Clark and was launched from the Clarks brand in 1950. This shoe has a sole: a light, light-colored rubber that provides comfort for long days

The lines are clean, have at least 2 eyelids for the laces  and it is available with classic leather or suede shoe with many earthy tones. The footbed  is well  cushioned and very comfortable right out of the box.Whether you choose the company’s original or suede leather brand, they all have good looks that fit perfectly with your jeans or 3-piece.

Another thing you might like about the Bushacre 2 boots is that they have all the colors imaginable. You have the freedom to be outlandish as you want, or choose colors that are turned off to gain too much attention. In both cases, you will look good.

Another note about Bushacre 2 shoes: they tend to run a bit wider than normal, so make sure you size them carefully.

We think that Clarks Bushacre 2 is the best chukka shoes for men. It’s a traditional, stylish boot, has a variety of colors, and it’s light and comfortable. It’s definitely worthy of your consideration.

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