KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal Reviews

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal Reviews

I bought KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal just before my trip to Colorado and Utah to walk some national parks. First, you need to embrace the ugliness. No, you will not be winning any fashion awards, and you probably won’t want to wear them out for dinner. But to walk? Loving them! I put about 20 miles on the final weeks in different zones in all types of terrain, including sand, gravel, dirt, slickrock, and streams. I never wish I could wear something else. They were comfortable out of the box.

I will also note that I have arthritis in my feet – specifically my big toe – and they are always comfortable and supportive. One day, I was getting a little hot spot on my little toe, and I found that if I just shifted my foot a bit forward and tightened my sandals a bit, the problem was solved. In the sand, obviously you will get it in your shoes but it splashed out when you walked. I had to stop once or twice for the little pebbles stuck there but it was only a few times. The best features that I like is lighter weight, water friendly, cooler, great traction. As I said, in this case, I never wish I had other shoes and I’m happy to wear these in every type of terrain I encountered.

In a nutshell, get over how they look like and the really weird tanned lines your feet will have, and you’ll love the comfort and functionality of these sandals. They dry quickly and do not stink (but if available, you can throw them in the washing machine with your laundry).

Just come back from a 5-mile walk back and forth through the streams, then over the rocks and dirt and back through the streams. I was impressed with the way I got wet, dry or mud I had good traction. It is also amazing, somehow, the foot of the bed does not become slippery when wet. The bottom of your feet is securely in this shoe! Another thing that surprised me was how comfortable my toes were going downhill.

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal is great for adventures and whenever you can get your feet wet – they’re also really comfortable and are a great pair of sandal for warm weather. For me, they run quite well in size. I wear 6 1/2 in other shoes and these, but I know that a lot of people like to make them bigger than 1/2.

 These are the perfect outdoor shoes. I use them to hike in the mountains, walk near rivers, walk to lakes, and more. They are comfortable the first time you put them in. I can wear them on a full day walk and my feet feel good at the end of the day. For all other hiking and water excursions, this is GREAT.

Recently, my right knee hurts, my age is not too surprising, and getting worse. While visiting my excellent chiropractor, I mentioned that my knee suddenly hurt so she asked me to leave her and come back. “Those shoes must go!” is her first comment. She advised me to look for something with a back strap that would not allow me to walk on the outer edge of the feet (supinate). I grieved for a day or two and then busy looking for something that matched her recommendations. I ordered these items in 7.5 as my regular shoe size. After wearing these for two days, my knees completely stopped hurting. I don’t just love these things! I can wear them to the beach, to a casual dinner, I even played 18 holes of golf and they were great! I just brush them off when they get dirty and off I go.

The most comfortable shoe I wore. I considered buying three or four more pairs just in case they changed their style! Because, I must always own a pair of these! These shoes softly yet securely hug my feet on all sides. I feel like someone took one of my feet and made these special for me. Although comfortable, they feel strong and supportive. I cannot say enough good about these shoes obviously.


  • Cleansport NXT™ for natural odor control
  • Multi directional lug pattern for increased traction
  • Secure fit lace capture system
  • TPU stability shank
  • Women’s specific fit


  • Washable polyester webbing upper
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Compression molded EVA midsole
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining
  • Metatomical EVA footbed


  • 8.7 oz / 246.6 g

Some reasons to buy

Most sandal-loving hikers give compliments for the comfort and comfort of Whisper. An owner with arthritis of the foot did not feel pain when wearing it.

Sandal has received a trump card from a large percentage of reviewers for its lightweight build.

A significant number of online shoppers were surprised to experience a real-size fit in Keen Whisper out of the box immediately.

Its quick dry upper section is a definite plus for many wearers.

A few experts praised the durability of this sandal.

A few wearers were truly grateful for its roomy toe box.

A significant number of people who own these Keen sandals for years have been eager to buy a new pair because they are completely satisfied with its performance.

The versatility of these women-only sandals impresses a lot of pedestrians. They mention that it works well in any outdoor activity.

According to many impressive verified buyers, getting it in and taking it off is easy.

Reason not to buy

Some owners did not like the performance of the heel strap. They say their heels  slipped  through the vents below the strap several times.


Have you been looking for a pair of stylish female sandal? Well, then Keen got you covered. These sandals are specifically designed to fit women’s feet, look great and provide a level of comfort as well as support. You could say that their shoes tick all the necessary boxes and you will be right! Another great benefit of these special shoes is that they are designed for water use. So you could potentially have a great time with them kayaking or wading across the river. It is absolutely your choice. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that these shoes can be slippery on rocks covered with algae.

Moreover, these shoes are very comfortable to wear. You may have had problems before wearing these shoes with palm strap on the instep. With these shoes, you can tighten it up using zippers, and you win to see that they rub. That means you won’t have any trouble keeping your feet inside and safe even on long  treks.

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