Durango Men’s Db5468 Western Boot Reviews

Durango Men’s Db5468 Western Boot Reviews

This year I think I’ll try some Durangos that is a favorite of my mother to wear on our farm. For records, I no longer live on the farm so these shoes will not be tested really. So far so good though. They are good looking, clean and simple, and the work is great. They are a pleasure to walk as the shape of the sole pushes you forward. I really like the angle behind the heel. Like any new leather shoe, they are hard, so be prepared to work with them. I wear size 13, and they fit me.

The sole is soft like walking on a gum shoe sole but not like the white soles they wear like iron and they didn’t slip on ice and snow like my white loafers. They slip easily but hold firmly to your feet and don’t slip on your heels with little or no intrusion. The weight is very light as the weight of the slippers.

They look great appear. The “lowers” part of my mine is darker brown than the vertical “shaft”, exactly the color shown in the picture. I don’t care about the difference. I hope that Durango never stops production of these boots.

They feel broken in the minute you put them in. The shaft is very thin and not completely leather. It has an outer “skin” but inside is a synthetic material. Together, they are probably no more than 2-3 inches thick. That’s part of the reason why these shoes feel so good right away. It’s really like wearing a pair of “tennis shoes”. The bottom is also slightly thin because it feels like another factor for comfort. There is no break in requirements because there is absolutely no hardness for these shoes. Nobody. So the plus point from an initial impression is the appearance (looks great) and the feeling is extremely comfortable immediately. I have to admit the synthetic base doesn’t really sound like “boots” when you go on a hard surface. There is no sound at all.

These boots have a single rubber sole and heels unlike traditional boots, so I was skeptical about their comfort and looks. Within a week, I wore them 10 hours a day at work, occasionally walking through wet concrete and mud. They clean up nicely and still look great according to the ladies! I appreciate these boots for comfort like casual clothes because they’re good looking or work durable.

A full-grain leather upper ensures durability, and the round toe box provides a roomy fit. A Flex cushion provides superior cushioning for all-day comfort, while the dual-density rubber outsole increases traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces for flexible wear. Harness the great comfort and impeccable style in the Rebel Saddle boot.


  • Full grain leather on maximizes durability
  • Double row stitching adds style
  • Round toe box provides a roomy fit in a fashionable cut
  • Contoured, airy, removable baseboards provide optimum support
  • Cushion Flex insole boosts cushioning for the entire day
  • EVA Midsole castings increase cushioning for long-term comfort
  • Tempered steel shank increases midsole integrity
  • Dual-density rubber outer sole increases traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces

Durango Men’s Db5468 Western Boot is made of whole grain leather and look great. The brown boots have a yellow accents so the stitching and holes are prominent. The yellow embroidered pattern on the starter shaft resembles the outline of of flames, making these cool western boots. At the top, pull holes and pull loops to make it easy to wear western boots.

Two rows of stitches next to the toe are round and carry a around the remainder of the cowboy boot. This provides saddle boots with the strength to maintain durability. Men’s boots have a tempered steel shank for arch support and stability with cushioning and ventilation features, the foodbed help your feet comfortably inside the Rebel boots.

The outsole is a blend of rubber and EVA. Since the rebel mode is low, it needs to walk in the boot. With their blend of comfort and durability, the 12-inch Durango Men’s Db5468 Western Boot is ideal for you!


Durango DB5468 men’s Rebel saddle western boots are made of top-brown brown leather with the yellow embroidery on the boot shaft resembles the outline of flames. Durango DB5468 is equipped with two layer innersoles to bring comfort, midsole shock absorbers and outsole with anti-slip rubber and anti-oil with drag style. Western boot also has a toughened steel body to support and stabilize the dome, seams connecting the two rows and the roll body area to increase durability. Its color is brown and it has a double-layer flex pad with detached, breathable and removable lining, lightweight plastic molded middle, flexible and shockproof, slip-resistant, anti-slip oil, dual density and outer base with anti-wear rubber. Durango DB5468 is also available on full-grain leather with Durango suspension for all day comfort, flexibility and durability. Western boot Durango flag DB5468 provided by MGS is brand new in the original packaging and limited warranty.

Men’s brown western boots have yellow stitching. Strong steel body. Flex cushion insole. Rolling trunk area. Single row welt stitch. Suffering full grain leather. 1 1/2 “Rocker heel. Contoured removable cushion soles. The outer base with dual density rubber. The molded plastic middle has a 12-inch height. Size 15-inch calf circumference. Comfort, flexibility and durability all day are guaranteed with Durango Suspension System. The four main components are designed together to create a lightweight design that is embedded with detachable padded feet, toughened steel body, roll body area and dual density outer sole with EVA and rubber. They are the best choice you should have.

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