Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot Reviews

Durango Men’s 11? Harness Boot Reviews

I just bought Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot last week. I would like to write some reviews, I hope that there are many customers as like me. I often shop online so I often have the habit of leaving my opinion for each product line I have chosen. This way I think it will be helpful for everyone to buy after me. With Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot that makes me feel better than the unpleasantness it brings. They make a great pair of dress boots with slacks, kahki’s or jeans. How are a beautiful shoes? They are shoes is suitable in size, color, comfort and durability. Its fortunate that Harness Boot meets everything I offer. Thank you.

  1. Fits exact size. Bringing both feet to create a comfortable feeling. Boot is perfect in fit and color.
  2. I took pictures, my feet looking better. The dye color is solid over every inch
  3. It is very comfortable. I walk around the place without leg pain
  4. The cheapest price. I am very pleased
  5. Boot is a solid structure with leather quality. Tight stitching and insole are done correctly.

As far as sizing, I wear a wide 13 pair in the new balance and ordered a 13 width in these shoes and it fits perfectly so if you’re wondering about how the size runs, that shoe brand would be a good indicator of how these will fit. These shoes are awesome. They are very fit, i can wear these all day if I need it.

These shoes are grip great on both the pavement and the pegs. They look very masculine and the leather is top quality. I absolutely love them, will not hesitate to buy them back. The fit is excellent with minimal break in time. Now they really look better with a few weeks of wear then they did when they were new. I suspect it will continue, because the skin only gets better with age when properly maintained.

I have now worn these shoes a few times and found them very good. Again, this is not walking shoes, but on my motorbikes, they bring the comfort and protection that I’m looking for. They are good for a long day or ride in hot, cold, wet or dry weather.

The 11-inch height allows many rooms to breathe around the calves. Leather is a heavy duty, promising long life, but still supple and extremely comfortable to wear. The square toe allows spacious room without crunching your toes. The leather looks great, they fit perfectly and stretch a little when they break in and fit better, and I’m very happy with them.


This Durango Men’s Harness are sleek and stylish. Simple design with the upper part is  the upper crafted of black leather. The only adornment is the harness strap. Minimally decorated design highlights the high quality materials used to design shoes.

There are pull tabs that assist you in pulling or  take off the shoes. Your feet and legs will be comfortable to wear these shoes. As Durango assembled these shoes by taping down the side seams and adding a cushioned insole with a flexible forepart.

The inner sole reduces weight on the foot while the front leg bends allowing you to bend down easily. The bottom is constructed of a durable rubber outsole. Black hue looks sharp and it’s resistant to oil and slip. Made of high quality materials, they can be worn throughout the day.


This Durango Men’s 11- inch Harness boots is perfect for everyday wear. You can wear them to work, ride a motorbike and go out to paint the town red. Minimalist design allows you to wear them anywhere. They have straps with pull handles that help you pull boots. The inner and front soles make it easy to walk around in these shoes. While the tough outsole provides traction and grip for non-slip grip.


This Durango Men’s 11- inch Harness boot shoe has many different sizes so the shaft and circumference may be different. For this model, the shaft measures 11 inches from the arch. The heel is 1.75 -inches, the boot opening is 14.5 inches.

Additional Features

This Durango Men’s 11- inch Harness boot comes in a 12-inch x 8 inch x 4 inch package in length, height and width. The shoes come with a one-year warranty.


Durango Men’s 11 “Harness Boot is calf-high biker boots, the upper leather is very supple, stylish ankle strap. It provides good ankle support and protects your lower leg of flying mud or debris.

Available in five colors, including Black has a slick and brownish-looking oil, have one pair of shoes for each biker wardrobe. With an unassembled foam base for comfort, it is clear that Durango has combined quality materials and years of manufacturing experience to create these stylish and stylish Western biker shoes. All that’s left is for you to mount your trusty steed and accelerate into the horizon.

Leather calf boot with harness ankle strap

11.5” shaft

Oil and slip resistant

Available in 5 colors


This shoe is made of 100% rich leather material, which is very durable and comfortable to use.

If you look inside the shoes, you will understand that the leather lining is very supportive and well cushioned as well. It has a considerably large opening to fit comfortably and quickly step inside the shoe.

The sole of these shoes is made of durable rubber material. You have much better resistance to slip and oil resistance when traveling on the road or driving by bike.

There is a flex base that is well padded inside the boot. It is great to get higher comfort and cushioning for your feet.

The unique thing about the Durango boot is the harnessed ankle strap with metal rings and dual pool handles. They look very nice and also provide good support for your ankles.

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