Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Workboot Reviews

Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Workboot Reviews

I had two Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulation Waterproof Comfort Workboot for my son. They are insulated with thinsulate, and water proof (perfect snowy/wet days!).  We have a standard pair of “wheat” colors, and a pair of dark brown, and of the two, I like the appearance of dark brown. Aesthetically, they look cleaner longer and that is always the plus point of the shoes.

I remember once my son went hunting with his friends. And I chose the shoe to accompany, I was worried that the shoes would hurt his feet and the trip would not satisfy him, no shoes made him very satisfied. He needed something rough but not too warm. And comfortable enough to wear for a long day. He wear them around the house about an hour before the trip to destroy them, but they don’t really need it. After that he wear them every day without complaining and actually say they feel comfortable. In particular, they are water proofed so you can wear them in shallow water places.  I would highly recommend these things.

Many children like to join their parents to work as well as enjoy the outdoors, playing in mud and dirt.

Just as we need to protect our feet from many elements and hazards when working or outdoors, a child needs more protection when in a hazardous environment. So Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Workboot met the fashion requirements of the kids.

Children’s boots have the same safety, comfort and durability features as adult office boots

  • Built from durable and comfortable materails.
  • Waterproof and in some cases insulated.
  • Breath and moisture absorbent lining.
  • A comfortable sole and cushion or leg.
  • A protective steel leg.
  • A durable and non-slip rubber outsole.

Children love Deer Stags Mak 2 because it has a mature appearance and a classic style of work boots. This boot provides protection in wet and cold weather conditions and makes a perfect insulation rain boot.

The upper is made from imitation leather or artificial leather with classic work boot style and lacing system.

To match the comfort, the collar of Mack 2 has been padded.

The lightweight padded insole provides great comfort and support for small feet

The Thinsulation insulation used for these Deer Stag boots offers warmth in cold weather conditions

This is a waterproof boots

This type of boot is very durable and provides excellent grip on slippery surfaces

Product Description

  • 100% Manmade
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 4.5″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1″
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″
  • Faux leather upper
  • Thinsulate lining for extra warmth
  • Water resistant construction
  • Durable TPR traction outsole
  • Lace up closure provides a secure and adjustable fit
  • Waterproof and thinsulate for warmth: The boots pull over your child’s ankles to stay warm and dry. Tongue covering mouth holds water. Thinsulation, a highly insulated but breathable insulation material commonly used in outdoor engineering equipment adds a layer of security to your child’s feet.
  • Comfort and easy wear: A padded insole that helps your child to run freely. A pull tab and a type of lace extension on the inside help secure boots securely on their foot without the hassle.
  • Specifications & details: Shaft measuring about 4.5 “from the arch. Synthetic upper and bottom.
  • Vegan: The shoe is fully man-made

Why Children Need Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Workboot?

Children are very curious and like to follow in the footsteps of the family. In the garden, outdoors and in any other environment, where your child can tag with the dangers that lie ahead. You may want to take your child to climb the mountain with you or for an adventure trip or even to your work site to see a quick and telling program. In the streets, in towns in parks and almost everywhere, some dangers can cause injury to your child’s delicate feet.

Even so, a child likes to play rough, and especially in puddles, mud and dirt, they can endanger a pair of shoes. Therefore, shoes are waterproof and hard enough to withstand these environments, along with the extreme wear and tear of daily activities can be an advantage for your child.

Children also suffer weather conditions a bit more exceedingly than we do and therefore need extra protection against weather factors such as cold or wet conditions or scorching hot weather conditions.

Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Workboot for Winter

Season may change, but adventure never prevents children from playing and playing even in the autumn and winter. So warm and comfortable winter shoes and clothes are a must. Making winter fun with a warm and colorful winter work boots will keep your tiny feet dry and protected from cold and snow.

There are three important aspects to consider in a winter boot. They should be comfortable for small feet, warm and well insulated as well as completely impermeable to protect your child’s feet against any moisture that can cause frostbite


A comfortable classic boot for a boy on every terrain. MAK2 puts your boy in any kind of rugged terrain without worry. The protective ankle cushion fits well into the growing feet, durable laces provides a safe fit, and a grooved outsole keeps his feet firmly planted.

Mack’s boots put your son in all sorts of rough terrain without having to worry about stumbling and risks. The protective ankle padding fits well into the growing foot, durable fastener provides a safe fit, and a grooved outsole keeps his feet firmly planted.

Work boots children’s can be a bit interesting and provide a stronger feel for other outfits. The work boot that looks super adorable with some jeans on a boy or with a dress or skirt on a girl. Along with being cute and trendy work boots for children are also very comfortable, durable and protective.

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