Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek Chukka Boot Reviews

Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek Chukka Boot Reviews

I am a fan of the Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek Chukka Boot and I plane to order a second pair to sot. When they first arrive, the leather is very hard and I had some problems even when wearing them. On the first day, I could only wear them for a few hours, the second day was a little longer and on the third day, I wore them all day. Now, a week later, they are my daily shoes.

I wear a 10.5 sports shoes, for these shoes, the 9.5 is perfect. The shoe is just amazing in looks, I especially love the contrast with the brown on the heels. I have flat feet and these jobs are perfect for me just to note that shoes can be a bit heavier than you used to, but they are not annoying.

I have owned a few of these so my review is quite accurate.

Extremely durable and long lasting, comfortable and easy to pack (quite flat fold in your bag). Look good enough to wear a nicer dinner or place, but feel and look comfortable over time and fashion with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

They are leather, so Clarks accounts for break in when they do them. Order it is a small size like you. They’ll be a bit tight when you try them … and it’s okay … they’ll break in to be comfortable after a few wears. I have wide feet and wear orthopedic clothes and these are very suitable for me.

Since 30 years ago, these boots are making waves among most men who are looking for unique designed and retro styled boot.

This boot has a lot of unique features like its roomy toe boxes, unique signature center stitched seam, genuine crepe outsole, high-unique 2-eye ankle-high design and many others.

Its wide toe box is perfect for men who want to avoid crooked toes and want to protect any foot-related disease such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Its crepe outsole provides support and comfort for your feet. The boot also has a high quality leather covered EVA.

Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Trek Chukka Boot that made from leather. Basically, it is brown and crepe base. Perfect boots for men. It has great 1 inch heels for men. With these shoes, you do not need to tie a rope when you walk or untie it when taking it off because it only has 2 eyelet laces. Moreover, you are provided with many sizes to choose from.

Measure your feet according to Clarks‘s recommendations

Manufacturer suggests that, to get your foot size, you should follow these steps:

  • Stand barefoot with heel against a wall or a vertically straight surface.
  • The floor you stand on should also be flat.
  • A ruler should be placed on the side of your foot, touching the wall or straight edge.
  • Measure your foot, from heel to tip of your longest toe.

This classic men’s chukka boot design from Clarks has been around for 30 years and is recognized by its characteristic center stitched seam. Set in full leather suede, Clarks Originals Desert Trek is a signature of the line. Lined in a cushioned foot bed that maintains the stability of the heel with a spacious toe box that allows you to spread your toes naturally, these Clarks shoes are known not only by style but also by comfortable. Finished with genuine crepe outsole for great shock absorption, these men’s shoes support natural walking movements and enhance the health of the feet. The timeless style and comfort you yearn to arrange in Clarks Originals Desert Trek.

Recognizable with its characteristic stitched seam, Desert Trek oxford has become a classic shoe for nearly 30 years. The roomy toe box allows the spread of natural toes, while the genuine plantation crepe outsole cushions the foot and buffers shock.


If you want high comfort, durability, unique style and retro look, then go to Clarks Originals Desert Trek Boot. These boots are great to wear with your normal jeans and clothes.

You can use them all day without feeling uncomfortable and painful. At the same time, consider the number of features available in this boot, the price for it is really appropriate and the price is very affordable.


Some consumers have reported that there is not enough arch support for these shoes. The sole of these boots is somewhat flat and it cannot provide any cushioning while walking.

If you are a person who love less cushy soles and want to feel the touch, then these boot are the perfect choice for you. Unlike these problems, boots are really comfortable and durable to wear regularly.


With many years of experience in designing the best desert shoes, Clarks introduced a new retro-style design, which is not only beautiful but also brings high awareness of comfort to the toes and feet. With crepe and real leather soles, these wonderful desert shoes give you maximum comfort and quality. It fits perfectly with your style and fits perfectly with your feet. A special feature of Chukka shoes brings vertical seams from top of vamp to toe and textured crepe sole. It has lace up design making it even more classic. Get the best desert boots by choosing this top quality Clarks desert Trek Chukka Boot.

The Desert Trek is a very recognizable pair of shoes thanks to the shape of the chukka boots and center stitched seam to the front, we like it very much and the suede looks great. Designed to wear for a long time, they are as comfortable as possible thanks to crepe soles and the mid height supportive uppers. The shoe has a metal eyelet and a large leather tab on the back of the shoe with the Desert Trek logo to it. An all round comfortable and well made wear!

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