Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot Reviews

Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot Reviews

I love these shoes. I wear them almost every day for work. In particular, I have wide feet so the width is great for me. I often wear 13 in sneakers to get enough width. With Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot, I wear 12. This is is amazing. The leather wears beautifully.

Clarks Desert Boots is a really classic style of boots. Original chukka boot, they have classic colors with Beeswax leather. Certainly buy at least half the size or more down from your usual size, because part of the fun is how it grows a bit when the leather softens over time.

As I know shoes have Soft crepe sole, varied colors, this shoe you can wear for three seasons that doesn’t overheat your foot. But what made me unhappy was that it was dirty.

Style and quality: These shoes are very beautiful, really have handmade and classic designs. They are very masculine, they will be great in a simple or formal context. The laces is very thin, as long as they do not break this will not matter.

Comfort: I followed the recommendations to get them a size smaller, and since I’m a size 12, I got 11. I feel comfortable when wearing it.

I love these boots. They are lightweight, comfortable, look great, seem to be done well and will not break the bank. The leather seems to be high quality and looks beautiful. I feet they feel almost like sandals. The crepe base is super flexible and springs, and is comfortable to walk. What more could you ask for?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these things is that there is no hard whistling for boots or heeled shoes. In fact, this is the quietest shoes I’ve ever worn. The loudest sound when you walk is your sweaty feet inside the boots, or shoelaces that damage the boots. It’s easy to take a completely silent step with these shoes.


The first thing is that it is very cost effective. Most Clarks desert boots are available at inexpensive prices.

They are durable and they are also extremely comfortable. At the same time, these boots are very stylish and look cool when you wear them with jeans or khakis along with a t-shirt or a shirt.

The more you start wearing these boots, the more you will feel that they are becoming an integral part of your feet. They are perfectly suited for both types of people who like to wear casual clothes and dress up. You can wear it along with your unofficial jeans and khakis, which is great for us. In addition, there is absolutely no respite for these boots.


This Clarks Originals Desert Boot shoe is made up of suede leather upper and therefore it can easily be exposed to dirt and mud. So you need to take care of your shoes constantly and try to protect them from mud and dirt.

However, you can use suede protection spray to keep your shoes safe from dirt. Another thing to mention is that you need to choose a size smaller than your actual foot size.

How to Wear Clarks Desert Boots?

Desert boots are also called Chukka boots. Clarks is a famous brand when it is producing the best quality desert shoes.

In fact, they are ankle-high boots. These boots have certain types of laces and tongue as opposed to Chelsea boots.

Most of these boots are made of suede material that looks very cool and stylish. Now, when it comes to style, there are basically four ways you can wear these shoes to look great.

  1. T-shirts and jeans: Wear a simple T-shirt and distressed jeans with black or brown belts. This casual outfit is perfect for brown Clarks desert shoes. If you want to know how to match your shoes with your pants and belts.
  2. Khakis and Denim Jacket: These Chukka or deserts also look cool with Khakis, denim jackets, oxford shirts in light blue and black belts. Denim and khaki jackets are a great combination with chukka shoes.
  3. Light sweater and Dark jeans: A light brown sweater, dark blue jeans and brown belts with your brown desert boots are the perfect combination  to go out with your date or to hang out with your friends.
  4. Black Jacket and Washed up Jeans: This is the last time but in my opinion; The most beautiful design you can apply for your chukka Clarks boot. Simple washed up jeans, light T-shirts, black belts and stylish black jackets will make you areally stylish and awesome guy in the public.


Clarks is a large successful shoe company that was founded in England in 1825 and gradually became one of the most influential brands in Britain and even many of its colonies.

These Clarks Desert Boots are inspired by those crepe-soled desert boots that were used by British officers at that time. Since that time period, it is still one of the best and the most respected desert boots in the market.

Clarks Originals Desert Boot comes with genuine plantation crepe outsole that gives you great comfort while you wear them all the time of the day.

It has a leather covered EVA that keeps your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. Its suede lining provides high stability for your heels.

This chukka-style boot also has a high-class leather upper section with a two-string tie that gives you a casual style and so it can also be used along with jeans and khakis. When it comes to style, authenticity, history and appearance, Clarks Desert Boots is one of the best performing shoes on the market. If you really love this brand and are looking for top quality style desert boots. Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot match your requirements.

I wish you good luck in your quest.

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