Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk (new Color) Oxford, Dark Tan, 7 M US Reviews

Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford

How to choose shoes to wear in the office? This is not only the big concern for lady, but it is also the considerable question for men when attempting to match shoes with their clothes. Based on the above consideration, I have decided to share my experience with you about “Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford” in this review in order to help you guys make the right decision when choosing the men’s shoes. You will find essential information in the below part based on what I have found on the main features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this brand shoe.

The Clarks business has been continuing for 100 years and it made variety styles of men’s dress shoes. They give you a choice of the quality that you expected to receive from their company. The Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford is one of the best brand shoes that they created. Let go through what the key features of this brand shoe are:

Quality and Comfort

This shoe is fully-equipped and flexible leather, so it seems to be durable. It is light as a feather, so it won’t bear the pressure onto anyone who wearing this brand shoes. It might not look comfort on the outside, but there is the memory foam as well as lining fabric to feel like fluffy around anyone’s feet.

The one customer has asked out of curiosity if this shoe would be resistant against the water and the company has responded with agreement that it does include the waterproof shoe as well. So that way they wouldn’t require to establish couple of strategies to avoid walking through the waterway as well.

Colour and Size

There are 4 different colours with various sizes in this brand shoes, so everyone would require considering about wither to pick the colour to fit to their fashion taste into the lifestyle. For example, that some would prefer to wear leather black in full navy-blue shirt to make men feels like that they are represent as professional. The dark tan brand or brown colour would be suitable to the casual environment, such as night clubbing. It shows that they are free to be attracted and wanted to be fit into the friendly environment too.

Leather Black – The leather black is representing the person who wearing them as they are professional but can be proactive to complete their task. It has shown them that they are committed and passionate in their field and study.

Brown Leather – Friendly environment so that way, others can approach to them because their feet may look bright as big smile to welcome others to approach and feel comfortable to speaking to those who wears it.

Dark Tan Leather – The dark tan would fit into flexible lifestyle, that this person wouldn’t much care about the appearance as it would believes that no one would even use their time to look at their shoes when they have met the new colleagues.

Schwarz – The schwarz is bit like dark blue but it does deceive some people’s eyes to make it look like black shoes. It would represent the similar lifestyle as the leather black because it would show them looking professional while wearing their blazer suit too.

Now, let’s take a look at reviews of this shoe

Positive Review

The lawyer would consider about the budget of spending on the quality shoes, because he has often got spoiling on his shoes so he would prefer to not spend onto other shoes. He feels comfortable due to the memory foam with his Clarks shoe. They do have quality rubber sole instead of wood soles. Even after 3 months wearing those shoes and he still in pleasant with it also the rubber soles hasn’t worn out yet. He considers about to purchase other pair with alternative colour too. He has rated this shoe 4 out of 5 stars, which made awesome representative promoting to gain more audience to purchase this brand shoes.

The other customers are satisfied with this shoe compare to another brand called “Bostonians.” When he was wearing the Clark’s brand shoes and he feels like he would be able to sleep through the day even whenever he is wearing those shoes. It has caused the illusion onto the customer that he has forgotten that he is wearing them, and he has decided to purchase those vendors due to lot of positive review comments. He has recommended to others to get those shoes so they can become dreamer about forgotten wearing them during their days.

Negative review

There was a customer who has commented this shoe is quite a nice shoe. However, he wasn’t expected that he would come to not like the pointy edge shoes as it feels too tight for his toes. At the end of his toes, it would look like that it couldn’t be breathed out unless it has come out of the shoes. It shows almost customers’ reviews talked specifically about having the right size to fit in that will need to feel comfortable.

Another one also reviewed that this brand shoe is impressive about the style, high quality design and comfort. But there is the only thing that made him feel not good since it makes a squishing sound when walking on tile flooring.

There was a customer whom been wearing the Clark for many years and he is fascinating those types of shoes. He was so looking forward to receiving the brand shoes from this company, but sadly that it wasn’t what he was expected when it has arrived. That was because the colour wasn’t matching like what he has ordered. He has returned them to get his money back too. There is a variety of colours that don’t fit for the other people by their fashion taste. For example, if the shoes are too bright it doesn’t actually need the people to look at their shoes straight away.

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