Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs Reviews

Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs Reviews

I bought Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs. Now I would like to discuss something about the shoes. I hope that all my reviews will give you right choose. Thank you

Thus far, I’ve been wearing shoes  in snowy/slushy conditions and prevailed through with feet so dry. Overall, the shoes make my feet happy.

In the past, I had arthritis in my left foot, so my surgeon suggested wearing any Birkenstocks at all times, even at home. He explained that most of the shoes are flexible and the bones in my legs will only bend with it making them grinding together. Going barefoot does the same thing. Birks gave me great support and I rarely felt pain.

Why does Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs make you feel good?

Birkenstocks are the right size for your three foot arches: Intermediate arches (the largest arch is often referred to in the phrase “good arch support”), colon arches (middle pockets of pink feet and toes) the lateral arch (a little-known structure on the outside of your feet, in front of your heels). Because Birkenstock bends, with room costs at the end of the foot, a suitable size includes some extra rooms in front of the toes and behind the heels (in a normal balanced foot). This maintains accurate support under your arch, bringing dynamic balance while you walk.

Birkenstocks are solid under the sole of your foot. The footbed mold to the individual shape of your feet over time, provides an even support over your entire foot. Birkenstocks are wearing shoes, and after a period of break in normal, you should expect to comfortably walk for miles in it.

They are very floppy. Birkenstocks exercise for your feet, encouraging you to grip with your toes as you walk. At first, this may feel unfamiliar, but it offers circulatory benefits, when your leg muscles contract and support blood from your lower limbs.   Birkenstocks are made from thick suede and whole grain hides  and synthesized for animal lovers.

Birkenstocks are very durable and 100% repairable. With care, your Birkenstocks will last you for years.

Like all traditional Birkenstock styles, it is made of leather covered cork footbed, which requires a bit of comfort to maximize comfort. After a few days of wearing, the hard leg starts to soften a little and it will carry the shape of your feet while providing great support. One thing I have noticed about Birkenstock’s clogs and shoes, usually the best to put a size up from what you wear in Birkenstock sandals. My reason is that then you will be able to wear socks better with clogs and use them like regular shoes. With sandals, you can always loosen the straps to store all but the leg properties of the shoe that restricts this practice.

Enjoy the comfort and year-round style of Birkenstock. Boston Clog complements the closed design for the classic Birk platform. Above is ultra-thick nubuck oil that feels soft and looks great. Arch support and a cup of deep heel hug you through every step.


One strap with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle; soft footbed.

Upper suede is gentle and soft

Suede footbed liner help keep your soles cool and dry

A layer of foam added to the footbed enhances the cushion

The midsoles button and rubber button support the integrated arch with toe clamp to support your circulation

EVA outer sole provides both cushioning and traction

The Boston Soft Footbed Clogs feature an A-B width they are equivalent to normal widths according to industry standards.

Original BIRKENSTOCK soft footbed; anatomically shaped, Upper: suede, Footbed lining: suede, Sole: EVA. Details: a adjustable strap with metal buckle; soft legs. Made in Germany.

This product is very light and very durable, without foot pain. Keeping them for years and regardless of style will be a classic.

Foot material: Cork is a sustainable material extracted from the crust of oak. This natural product is insulated and provides very good cushioning. Deep-heeled cup, supports vertical arches, stability, supports horizontal arch, toe lift bar for circulation, grip and toes.

Outsole: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a high quality material, very light, elastic with very good cushion. As a result, it flattens small irregularities on the floor and ensuresthat every step is softly cushioned.

Normal (R): Measure the width of your foot across the widest point by standing on a ruler to give you an idea of the width you need. Most are regular and not slim and have a larger toe box. Designed for medium to wide feet.


  • Leather
  • Slip-On
  • Contoured Cork Footbed
  • Adjustable


  • Strap May Be Too Short


This easy-to-slip clog for men is a great support shoe, four seasons, daily shoes. Birkenstock Boston Clog has a roomy toe box, and adjustable strap. Complete with the original Birkenstock’s regular / hard footbed that will mold your feet to provide customized support fit. Providing an elevated toe bar to match the natural clamping motion of your toes, an extremely supportive arch and a cup of deep heel make it easy to slip in this style clogging the support skates both perfect day.

Birkenstock Boston anti-slip clogs are a signature design. It comes with oily leather, natural leather and suede. It features a classic border base with adjustable strap and a sturdy metal buckle that fits snugly. Clear arch support, big toe box, and classic comfort are all carried in this casual wear clog.

Birkenstock Boston Slip-On Clog is available in natural leather, oily and suede leather. Natural  and oil leather can be recognized by deliberately untreated leather to show the characteristic features of the leather. Suede has a soft and flexible feel with a nap on the surface nap. Slip-on clogs easily adjusted for perfect fit. There is a strap on the upper edge of the clog and an adjustable, sturdy metal buckle.

I hope that you will choose shoes for your soft feet. Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs is always gives you sweet feelings.

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