Arcopedico Women’s Ls Reviews

Arcopedico Women’s Ls Reviews

I really like the Arcopedico Women’s Ls, which can be said to be my favorite. Now I have four pairs of different colors at once.  They are also very light and completely not bulky so they pack well and work well when traveling. They are like a “summer” shoe and will not keep your feet warm.  I have a narrow foot but my toes are very wide so I rarely wear closed shoes until I find this brand. It cradles the foot perfectly and allows stretching for a wide toe area. The colors are very beautiful and I get compliments every time I wear them. There is great support from the heel to the arch. It really helps support my foot. And they dress well with casual dresses. There is no sporty look.

The first thing I will comment on is the size. I usually wear 9 or 40. I ordered 41 and the fit is perfect. The second thing I will comment on designs. I ordered the black and they are very cute. They go with everything and compliments appear when I go anywhere. The third thing to mention — comfort. I have RA and a few toes have been affected. Other shoes rubbed on the bone and hurt. These shoes do not rub, pinch, hurt at all. I wear these throughout the day and can’t say I have them on them. I cannot wait to try other styles.

Comfortable travel shoes

We saw everything that happened to half a bottle of liquid shampoo after our luggage spent time in an unpressurized cabin. The air expands in the bottle, forcing the liquid out, resulting in a mess in your luggage.

While aircraft transport us in pressurized compartments, our bodies still feel the pressure. As the pressure increases with altitude in a plane, our feet tend to swell. LS Shock Arcopédico shoes protect their feet with flexible shoes that support circulation. With its sock-like fitting at the top of the foot, blood flow is increased, which makes for happy feet.

This is a unique small shoe. I have read that the Arcopedico LS is a great option for women with buns or hammocks with its forgiving knit upper part, so I decided to try them. Guys, I kept my shoes for five hours driving to St. Louis. I hate wearing shoes in the car (a grudge began in the 70s when I went barefoot for at least four months of the year). But I really forgot my Arcopaos in the car. They are very light and the upper soft knit allows air to flow in and out of the shoes, so the feet are always dry and cool like they are barefoot!

But how will they keep the city walking? I have read reviews about the Arcopedico LS as the best travel shoes because of its light, breathable and arch support, so do I experience a sense of comfort while walking? I have previously worn Arcopedico shoes, but this is my first experience with the LS style. My buns and hammocks had no complaints at all. The arch support is certainly noticeable. Actually, I have even classified it as heel support. My heels felt slightly lifted and cushioned from hard pavement. The support continued to my arch but felt a little backward toward the heel, but still felt good.

The only problem I personally have with the Arcopedico LS is the need for more cushioning on the forefoot. I can add a foot pad or ball to help with this. Remember that the insole is removable so you can insert your own custom orthotic insole (in that case, I suggest ordering one size up). Also, while I recommend for people with buns or hammocks even neuropathy, if you need an inflexible soles due to hallux Rigidus, this is not the shoe for you (there are a lot of flex).

A word about size: I ordered a size of euro 41 for my 10 feet (sometimes 9.5) size. The fit is perfect. If you have slightly wide feet, I think the Arcopedico LS will suit you with threaded entrance and slightly stretchy upper. With narrow feet, you may have difficulty getting the shoe to tighten up enough.

Tip: If you need a pair of comfortable post-surgical shoes (after a hump, ankle or other foot surgery), Arcopedico LS is a great thing because it can fight swelling. In addition, they are washable! Yes, remove the base and put them in the washing machine in a delicate cycle.


  • Lightweight, as little as 10.9 oz.
  • Anatomically-designed
  • Washable
  • Ultra-light blend of polyurethane and Lycra®
  • Vegan friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Water resistant

Additional uses:

  • Yoga
  • Traveling
  • Even a practice dance shoe!


The flexible and easily forgiving material will not restrict feet the lace design which allows for truly customized fit.

Knitting and moving molds with the shape of your foot provide maximum comfort for even the most problematic feet.

They are machine washable


The more fragile knitted fabrics used in shoes can be lost


Arcopedico‘s most popular style, the LS, is lovingly known as shocks, as they’re as realistic as shoes and comfortable as socks! Available in a rainbow of colors, the LS features a combination of the above elastomer technology with the use of special knitted nylon yarns that provide controlled freedom for the shape of your foot. Softly lined inside to bare feet and the integrated SanSmell technology promotes an anti-bacterial environment for general foot health. The sole’s double arch support technology provides all-day support and keeps your feet comfortable and happy. This is good to wear while traveling and exercising. They are perfect for all-day hikers including doctors, nurses and service professionals.

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